Steve Rodgers, President of Real Living Lifestyles, Talks About Scott Peck & Bob Griswold

Steve Rodgers“As the President of Real Living Lifestyles, with almost 400 agents, I’m constantly amazed by Scott & Bob. Not only are they our top agents, but they continue to set the bar higher & higher.

Yes, they are the #1 agents in Solana Beach, but it’s “why” they are #1 that is so revealing. Scott & Bob work at a level much deeper than just selling properties. They have amazing marketing & negotiating talent, but they also serve their clients with enormous compassion.

Their motto “Moving Lives Forward!” defines them. As one of their clients said, “You two are so far ahead of the curve that you ARE the curve!” That’s it in a nutshell. I wish I could hire 400 more of these guys.”

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