Choosing the Right Mortgage Professional

If you are a buyer, it’s critical to select the right mortgage professional & to do so prior to making an offer.

An offer is MUCH stronger if it includes a pre-APPROVAL letter from your mortgage professsional. It’s an annoyance to have to provide all the documentation needed to get a pre-APPROVAL, but this will make your offer much stronger because you have actually been APPROVED for a loan.

Most buyers are only able to provide a pre-QUALIFICATION letter because they haven’t yet given their mortgage professional all their documentation. As a result, the only letter the mortgage professional can provide is a pre-qualification. Even though more and more mortgage professionals are calling the letter a pre-approval vs pre-qualification, the small print says that loan approval is contingent on the buyer providing all the documentation. Savvy agents see through this.

It is natural for buyers to shop for the best loan rate, but it is imperative to select a lender who can create the strongest position for your offer.

Here are two mortgage professionals we have confidence in recommending:

erika jorgenson head shotErika Jorgenson

Erika provides fast & full loan pre-APPROVAL because the company she represents, Home Street Bank  is a direct lender with the ability to broker, if needed. They are mortgage bankers who process, underwrite, & fund most loans, including Jumbo Loans, those over $562,350,  in house!  They also offer VA loans to our veterans in house as well as FHA loans and the new 3% down loans anywhere in the state.

Erika brings more than 20 years of experience & expertise to work for you!

You can reach Erika at 858/539-3088 anytime.

You can also email her at

Here is the link to her website


Mike Savoca

By building his business on a solid foundation, Mike Savoca, with his 23 years of lending experience, has become one of Mike Sa mortage pixthe top loan consultants in San Diego. With a degree in business administration and a concentration in marketing from the University of Montclair, he’s also well-rounded and versatile. The result is a multi-faceted, customer-driven commitment to service, that makes Mike and San Diego Funding a winning combination! But there would be no winning without the very people he serves — his clients. “It’s all about communication! I feel that a client’s question is an opportunity to show my value, by giving an immediate response!  Also, Mike is a family man, local to San Diego, happily  married for 19 years, with two wonderful kids.  Mike’s reputation means everything to him.  Please check him out on Yelp, by searching Mike Savoca, or clicking this link:


You can contact Mike at 858-361-7276

Or email at anytime.

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