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Why Buyers Love Us!

Buyers love us because we treat them exactly as we would like to be treated as buyers ourselves. Here’s what you will experience as a buyer with us:

  • We never push — on asking you to go faster than what is right for you, on making offers or decisions, or on making a commitment to us (We’d rather have you fall in love with our service!)
  • We show you properties in your price range rather than pushing you higher in price.
  • We listen carefully and you will love how fast we tune in and show you properties that hit the mark.
  • We share pros & cons of each property with you since we see about 1,000 properties per year.
  • We help you become an expert in your niche. You’ll receive comprehensive reports on what is available in your price range & desired locations – and also what has sold.
  • We are experts at negotiations. We are both “Certified Negotiation Experts” so we are very talented at getting you the best possible price.
  • We have solid integrity.  Our bottom line is what is right for you!
  • We have fun together in the search process— from the nicknaming of properties we see together to making this truly a transition you will enjoy,  not just a property purchase.
  • You’ll look back from your new home or condo with great relief & appreciation.

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How to take maximum advantage
of us as a buyer


  • Decide to work with us as your real estate experts. We don’t ask you sign anything. Simply treat us with the same qualities we stand for — honesty, trust, openness, & caring. If these values speak to you, you’ll fall in love with us. It doesn’t make sense to work with multiple agents. You won’t receive consistent, high service. We work with clients who have tested us & made a heart commitment to working with us.
  • Tell us your desires & we’ll give you fabulous information on properties.  Give us your buying needs — location, price, sizes, and top desires and we will send you a comprehensive report — with map. And set up a search in the MLS that notifies of properties that match your criteria. This is what we do OURSELVES if we were moving! This makes it easy to scout by yourself. If you prefer, we can scout together.
  • Identify properties on the report that you’d like to see, call us, and we’ll go see them together as soon as you wish. Or wait until you have driven by them yourself and picked out the ones where you’d like to go inside.
  • Whenever you drive by any property that interests you, but discover that it’s not on our report, write down the address and street, and call. We’ll give you all the information about that property instantly.
  • Whenever you’d like an updated report, just call or email. As our buyers become more serious, the frequency of our reports increases. Active buyers receive new reports instantly – as new properties become available.
  • Be honest with us. If you plan to use us, we will make you an expert in your niche and keep you totally on top of the market. We limit ourselves to serving about 30 clients per year (buyers & sellers) so we can give outstanding service to those who choose us. Our greatest pleasure comes from delivering top quality service to clients we enjoy, and helping them make a successful and smooth transition.

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